We supply machines and technology for high efficient thermal deburring. iTEM machines are developed and manufactured by ATL/Germany.

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100% burr-free

100% sharp edge

inner & outer burrs

High efficient and unbeatable in cleanliness

High efficient and unbeatable in cleanliness

How does it work?

This method uses an oxygen-fuel gas mixture in a deburring chamber to burn/oxidize all burrs.


We can treat: steel, cast iron, aluminum, brass, die casting parts and machined plastics

Customer benefit

- Remove all burrs in one cycle
- Even hard-to-reach edges
- Burr roots are seals
- For bulk and single parts

Use case

How to deburr a hydraulic manifold in 1 or 2 minutes? 95% of all manufacturer's choose TEM

"We didn't invent the thermal deburring -
we made something special of it."


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“This machine has helped us to increase our manifold deburring throughput, part cleanliness, and relieve our colleagues from the stress and strain caused by the manual deburring process which we previously used.”

Rich McGrath
Global Manufacturing Operations Support Manager Sun Hydraulics

“We have tested tiny parts from tool steel and housing parts from aluminium, with an excellent result. A good process for hidden burrs.”


Thomas Heubach
Head of Division Freewheels

“I was the first one who bought an ATL TEM machine in North America (2015). It helped us a lot to eliminate all burrs in our parts.”


Erik Anderson
Former CEO
Basin Precision Machining
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